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RTP offers the most hardware configurations to meet your desired SIL level. With our intuitive user interface, any redundant hardware configuration can be setup with only a few mouse clicks. Redundancy is transparent to the designer and end user.

RTP provides a three-year warranty that ensures unmatched security. RTP systems have passed rigorous Nuclear 1E-requirements and conform to the highest quality standards in the process control industry.

RTP NetSuite is provided as an unrestricted site license with free software upgrades for a one-time registration fee, and with no annual maintenance fees.

RTP Corp assists cost containment in a variety of ways:

  • Hardware acquisition costs are contained through our highly efficient manufacturing process
  • Software is sold as a one time site license with no limits on the number of installs, tags, applications, or controllers
  • Ease of programming using the same IEC 61131 compliant tools
  • Using RTP for your safety and plant control system means your engineering and maintenance staff need only learn one system, resulting in lower training costs.
  • Each I/O chassis provides mounting space for up to 18 I/O cards based on Chassis Processor redundancy and power supply redundancy.


RTP 3000

The 3000 is approved for SIL-1 to SIL-3 applications. It can be used as a stand-alone safety controller, as a distributed control system for critical applications, or both functions can be combined into a single 3000 controller. The 3000 uses voting routines to ensure the process is protected and - equally important - the 99.9999% (6 NINES) availability insures that expensive downtime is eliminated. I/O redundancy can be achieved on a point-by-point basis. The integrity and availability of each input and output device can be configured as required by the application.

  • TUV approved
  • Is capable of both control and safety
  • One 3000 controller can be applied to control applications while an identical 3000 controller is applied for safety applications
  • Triplicate and dual redundant configurations provide a SIL-3 safety rating
  • Simplex configuration provides a SIL-2 safety rating
  • Controllers communicate over a common peer network to a common suite of host applications
  • Redundant or triplicate controllers can be housed separately to ensure survivability in a catastrophe

NetSuite Software

  • RTP NetSuite software operates with any 3000 system and has fault-tolerant redundancy built in for every possible configuration. It can create and run the complex, high-speed algorithms for a fraction of the cost of other systems.
  • Every element is designed for redundancy eliminating the cost and time required to modify the program.
  • Downloading a control program automatically transfers the image to all redundant controllers, eliminating the requirements for multiple downloads and any possible associated errors


  • Modbus TCP/IP Communications Card (3000/04)
  • 12-Channel Isolated Relay Output Card (3003/00)
  • 24-Channel Digital Output Card (3006/10)
  • 8-Channel Thermocouple Card (3007/00)
  • 8-Channel Isolated Low-Level Analog Input Card (3007/01)
  • 8-Channel Isolated High-Level Analog Input Card (3007/02)
  • 8-Channel RTD Card (3007/04)
  • 24-Channel Relay Output Card (3008/00)
  • 16-Channel AC Digital Output Card (3013/00)
  • 32-Channel Single-Ended Analog/Digital Input Card (3015/00)

Contact RTP for more information regarding the above products

  • 16-Channel Hart Card (3018/00)
  • Modbus Serial Communications Card (3019/00)
  • 2-Channel Isolated Servo Card (3020/00)
  • 16-Channel Analog Output Card (3021/00)
  • 96-Channel High Density Digital Input Card (3024/00)
  • 96-Channel High Density Digital Output Card (3025/00)
  • 32-Channel Single-Ended Analog/Digital Input Card (3026/00)
  • 16-Channel Fault Detecting Digital Output Card (3028/00)
  • 24-Channel Fault Detecting Digital Output Card (3028/00)
  • 8-Channel Counter Card (3029/00)



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